Do You Know the YouTube Law Student Cyclist?

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Update 4pm: the law student cyclist is Danny Shine (thanks to @piombo).

Yesterday, the Telegraph reported on an altercation between a cycling law student and a policeman. The video – taken by the law student and posted anonymously on YouTube – is below.

Having been stopped after allegedly jumping a red light on the Edgware Road in central London, the cyclist, who describes himself as “a student of the law” during the exchange, riles the cop by refusing to accept a ticket or supply his details.

Displaying a level of pomposity that should mark him out for great things in the legal profession, the law student-cyclist states at one point: “I won’t be accepting any paperwork today.”

Then he proceeds to demonstrate a rudimentary knowledge of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE), after enquiring under what law he was obliged to take the paperwork. “Oh…PACE…can you tell me what the wording is?” he asks, not a little smugly.

So annoyed becomes the policeman, identified as PC Stout, that he eventually appears to wrench the camera which the student-cyclist has been using to film the exchange out of his grasp.

Now, it’s not like Legal Cheek to back the police, but in this case it’s hard not to sympathise with the poor old PC. We’d love to hear the law student’s side of things, though? Does anyone know who he is?



I don’t know who the guy is. But I am a cyclist, driver and “student of the law” . My experience in all of those activities leads me to believe that he is a dick.

I hope that narrows it down a bit.



If call someone that knows his rights a dick which he clearly did then your a dick. Fact this frustrated dick of policy officer was trying to generate cash by extorting from a private individual and failed miserably all while making him famous all over the internet which I am helping to spread.


Benjamin Gray

He’s a freeman type. Fact he called himself “a student of the law” rather than a “law student” was a bit of a giveaway:



Think all policemen should have cameras fitted to their helmets


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