Judge With The Wild Dogs and The Bad Attitude Retires

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By Alex Aldridge on

Judge and owner of fearsome alsatians Beatrice “fucking travesty” Bolton has retired before the disciplinary process against her could be concluded.

Bolton, a circuit judge since 1991, famously described her 2010 conviction for failing to control one of her dogs as “a fucking travesty”, before storming out of a hearing during which she’d irritated magistrates by constantly chewing gum. Really.

Last June, Bolton, 57, who sat at Newcastle Crown Court, found herself in more hot water after the third biting incident involving her dogs in a year.

The Office for Judicial Complaints (OJC), which has been investigating the case, has said that it will drop its action against Bolton, who retired on medical grounds .

An OJC spokeswoman explained: “After receiving a number of complaints about comments reportedly made by Ms Beatrice Bolton, a Circuit Judge, following her conviction under the Dangerous Dogs Act, the Office for Judicial Complaints investigated the matter in accordance with the Judicial Discipline Regulations 2006.

“The judge has, however, retired on medical grounds before the disciplinary process was formally concluded.

“As a result, the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice have decided no further disciplinary action is required. Ms Bolton’s retirement took effect from 1st January 2012.”