City Lawyer In Dog Murder Stalking Riddle

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By Alex Aldridge on

Baffled police are attempting to figure out why Graeme Francis, a solicitor at Keystone Law, has found himself at the centre of a mysterious harassment campaign.

In the most recent incident, 60-year old mergers and acquisitions specialist Francis (pictured), required hospital treatment after he was struck over the head with a cosh at his home near Andover in Hampshire.

The perpetrator – an “athletic” white man in his 30s with “piercing, staring eyes” – is also believed to be responsible for shooting dead Francis’ golden retriever and assaulting his wife, Clare.

Speaking after the shooting in July last year, Francis said: “The police conclusion is we may have been targeted. Somebody with a weapon which may or not be licensed has entered our grounds and shot our pet. We believe he was probably in the grounds. She was found within three to four yards of the kitchen door.”

However, after the latest incident, he refused to comment, telling the Mail only: “I’m sorry, I can’t talk about this. If you have any questions put them to the police.”

A statement from Andover CID reads: “The family have suffered harassment over a period of 14 months which includes a male pushing and assaulting Clare Francis, the shooting of their golden retriever dog and culminating in the assault of Graeme Francis on February 8 this year. All these incidents have occurred in the confines of the garden of their home.

“The suspect is a white male, perhaps Aryan, 30s, 6ft 2-3ins, of fit build, with fair/ blond hair neatly cut and swept back, piercing staring eyes, a narrow mean looking mouth, a round face with a light complexion and good clear skin.

“He was carrying a cosh which was light pine coloured, thinner at the holding end and about 14in long and 2in in diameter. On each occasion he was totally silent.”