Through Gritted Teeth: Aussie Lawyers Tell Of Delight At Firm’s ‘Merger’ With London Giant Ashurst In £1Million Ad Campaign

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By Alex Aldridge on

Blake Dawson lawyers couldn't be happier with the new Ashurst brand colours

To promote its recent tie-up with Australian law firm Blake Dawson, City giant Ashurst has released a series of videos as part of a £970,000 advertising campaign – one of the most expensive law firm marketing pushes ever.

In the videos Blake Dawson employees explain how delighted they are with the “perfect match” between Ashurst and Blake Dawson, which has seen their firm’s name completely dropped (Blake Dawson is now known as Ashurst).

The thrilled Aussies also tell of their happiness about the new brand colours. “You can’t miss them!” grins ecstatic Blake Dawson Ashurst partner Philip Maxwell, “We’ve been used to the Tiffany blue colours of Blake, so I think this will be an interesting change for all of us”.

Colleagues of Maxwell then reveal how much they’re looking forward to a wonderful future that will in no way see them go from being a major Australian firm to a distant neo-colonial outpost of a London firm.

Needless to say, the footage doesn’t recall in any way the hostage video genre, instead producing an overall effect that is both extremely natural and genuine – as you can see for yourself below.

What do you think about the new brand colours?

Why do you think Blake Dawson and Ashurst are a perfect match?

What are you most looking forward to about being Ashurst in Australia?