‘Glory, Glory, Legal Cobra!’

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By Alex Aldridge on

Ever wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of the highest echelons of the legal profession after a few drinks?

Well, judging by this anecdote from the son-in-law of the late Master of the Rolls Tom Bingham in the April issue of Intelligent Life magazine, it can get pretty weird – as you may have picked up from the choice of headline and image for this piece.

Recalling Bingham’s retirement dinner, the son-in-law (who is the Conservative MP Jesse Norman) writes:

“Towards the end of the evening the doors were flung open and the sound of trumpets filled the room, as the family’s favourite Adamant New Orleans Marching Band struck up the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Tom’s face turned from horror to delight as the entire assemblage of lawyers sang words inspired by Cherie Blair’s autobiography:

‘He was fearless as an advocate in every case he’d take/He wouldn’t flinch when lofty legal questions were at stake/And in the words of Cherie Blair, he’s charming like a snake/Yes, he’s charming like a snake/Glory, Glory, legal cobra/Glory, Glory, legal cobra/He’s charming like a snake.'”