Is The London Legal Walk The Shortest, Least Taxing Sponsored Walk In The History Of Sponsored Walks?

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By Alex Aldridge on

I know it’s great to raise money for worthy causes – and I’m personally very proud of the £1,000 that I raised yesterday for my favourite charity, the College of Law – but even so, I feel it necessary to point out the elephant in the delightful Thames-side room that is the London Legal Walk.

It’s only 10 kilometres. For those unfamiliar with the metric system, that’s 6.21 miles.

6.21 miles is less than the distance that thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of British people walk to work and back every day.

Certainly, it’s not the sort of distance that requires you to don sportswear…

Or have teams of medics on stand-by.

Still, it’s lovely to get out of the office and hang out with other lawyers. As long as you know your place and hang out with lawyers of a suitable, ahem, level. To this end, the London Legal Support Trust published a helpful “Lead and Senior Walkers” list.

“Lead” walkers were judicial and government A-listers like Lord Neuberger, Lord Judge and Keir Starmer.

“Senior” walkers were a bunch of senior QCs and partners.

And then there was everyone else. Only in the legal profession…