Lawyers’ Pinterest Boards: Top Five

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Since I discovered the new social networking site Pinterest – which is best described as an online pinboard – I’ve watched curiously to see whether it would catch on with lawyers.

Many have dipped in and made a few, often pretty bizarre, boards, then disappeared again. Take Travis Kovács’ Lawyers, Guns, and Money board (an extract from which is below), for example, which has just ten pins and hasn’t been updated for a while. Actually, I’m not sure Travis is a lawyer, but you get the point.


As you’d expect, BPP Law School’s Pinterest offering features no firearms. But it is similarly neglected, with a mere three pins on its Student Successes board – a reflection, surely not, of this great institution’s lack of successes…

There are, however, a smattering of good lawyer pinboards out there. Here are my top five (in no particular order) – including one that is actually on Tumblr but whose pictures constantly end up on Pinterest.

1. Fantasy Law Office by J Star


2. Shoes That I Will Buy When I’m A Rich Lawyer by Laura de la Garza


3. Lawyer’s Playlist by Lawyer Gaga


4. A day in the life of a law student by Elizabeth Bannister


5. You know you are a law student when (anonymous)

By the way, Legal Cheek has a Pinterest board too!