Want a Trainee? Law Society To Help London Trainees At Stricken Dewey & LeBoeuf Find New Firms

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By Alex Aldridge on

"Could I interest you in a Dewey & LeBoeuf trainee?"

The Law Society is set to step in to assist trainees in the London office of Dewey & LeBoeuf, the US law firm that is looking at winding down its London operations.

In a re-run of what happened when Manchester firm Halliwells went into administration in 2010, the Law Society will work with other City firms to help find Dewey’s current and future trainees new homes.

In the case of Halliwells, several of its trainees found themselves able to trade up and bag positions with magic circle firms.

At present, Dewey employs 20 trainee solicitors in London. Seven more are in place to join the firm in September, plus an additional four in March 2013. In spite of the firm’s troubled state, these two future intakes have not been officially cancelled yet.

A Law Society spokesman said: “In the case of a wind-down, our intention is to replicate what we did when Halliwells went into administration. Where possible we will work with and encourage other firms to help find current and future trainees other firms at which to complete their training.”