City Lawyer Offers ‘Free Accommodation To An Attractive Female In Exchange For Intimacy’

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By Alex Aldridge on

There was an interesting ad placed on the London section of Craigslist, the classified ads website, yesterday. It began…

Before continuing…

Hello there

I am an attractive city lawyer looking to offer free accommodation, to an attractive female in exchange for intimacy…with a view and hope that the excitement of the initial setup will evolve into something equally fulfilling but perhaps on a more conventional footing – without necessarily losing the deeply satisfying undercurrents of the unorthodox initial arrangement, however…!

Nationality is unimportant although I am more frequently (albeit not exclusively) attracted to blondes. I confess to having a preference for women with a domineering side…though I may also be interested by the prospect of meeting a female with a submissive streak. I am only seeking someone aged 18-30 and am not particularly interested in any kind of ‘one-night-stand type’ of encounter.

Also, if you are into some kind of sport or fitness, that would surely be a bonus – however if you are not, I would like it to be something that you are perhaps open to.

The accommodation itself is part of a comfortable 4 bedroom house & well situated in terms of transport links in the north west suburbs of London…The rooms are normally priced at £500pcm per room: but of course, you would not be paying that.

If this is of interest and/or you would like to know more, drop me a line.



NB: The site requires that a figure above the value of £0 be placed in the price area – hence the £1pcm; but for that one ideal person out there, the accommodation, would of course be free.

PS you needn’t send photos with any response – although sending will guarantee you a response. However, if you plan on requesting to see a photo, please ensure that you send one with your request.

It is not the first time this ad has appeared, with previous near identical versions posted on other similar sites as far back as 2008. Who is this person?