Dear Lady Justice Hallett, Don’t Be Insecure, You Don’t Need Make-Up…

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By Alex Aldridge on

Judging by her blue eye makeup, I’d say that Lady Justice Hallett (pictured) is no stranger to TOWIE, Ryanair flights to Benidorm or indeed getting chucked out of McDonalds for fighting.

Yeah, Hallett knows about the streetz: hence the backing she leant last week to a new initiative to give judges lessons in popular culture.

But is Hallett acquainted with the latest on social networking site Tumblr, where a cringeworthy ‘nice guy’ meme (pictured below) has been doing the rounds? Again, the clue is in the blue eye makeup. Either it’s Hallett’s way of refusing to be cowed by the nice guy or she just isn’t as up on popular culture as we’d all been fooled into thinking.


Pretty sickening, eh? Much better with this addition by