Allen & Overy Solicitor Says It’s OK To Lie On Your CV

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By Alex Aldridge on

Allen & Overy solicitor Sheila Fahy has unwittingly provided wannabe magic circle lawyers with an insight into what they might be able to get away with in their applications.

Writing the other day in the FT, Fahy seemed to indicate that it was acceptable for hopefuls to make up fake info about hobbies they have never done – as they long as they don’t relate to a requirement of the job.

Fahy gave this example:

“So imagine a teacher listing ‘jogging’ as an interest, whereas in reality she wouldn’t be seen dead in anything less than three-inch heels. This would hardly justify dismissing the person should the truth be known – it is what you call a “white lie”, with no real harm done. If the same candidate were applying for a sports teacher’s post, the decision would be less straightforward.”

Fahy provided more clues to law graduates when she stated that embellishment of CVs with white lies “is often the case”, before going on to hint that fibbers would be well-advised to permanently conceal their deceptions.

“If, as you say, you are competent and well regarded, and the CV lies have no direct impact or relevance to your current job, you might decide to cross your fingers and keep quiet. This is a choice for you,” she added.

Nudge nudge, wink wink. We get you, Sheila.