‘Does Grindr Count As An Extra-Curricular Activity?’

By Emily Jupp on

The other day, desperate for something memorable to put in the gaping ‘outside interests’ section of his training contract application form, law student @MoykeG tweeted: “Does Grindr count as an extra-curricular activity?”

With the TC application deadline upon us today, Auntie Em (aka Emily Jupp) advises:

Dear Moyke,

I have asked some friends about this Grindr thing, and, as I understand it, it’s an application that allows wallflowers like yourself to meet other retiring types without the awkwardness of having to go through pub mating rituals…

Well, it seems like a lovely, civilised way to cut through all that social anxiety and get straight down to business.

Now, although I am not, never have been and never will be employed by the legal profession, I have made many a job application in my time. And it’s a lottery, baby. Inclusion of a reference to your grinding activities may mark you out as a wonderfully forthright character. Or it could ring HR alarm bells.

My hunch is that you should put GRINDR in BIG BOLD TYPE at the top of your CV, and then wait for the acceptances to roll in. But I could be wrong.

Lots of luck!

Auntie Em