Lesbian Law Student Publishes Vacation Scheme Sex Diary

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By Alex Aldridge on

“Being a summer intern at a law firm is an exercise in gluttony and high-functioning alcoholism,” begins the diary of a vac-schemer that was published on a New York blog over the weekend.

In the case of the diary’s 26-year old lesbian author, that gluttony and high-functioning alcoholism comes with a lot of sex. She continues:

9:25 p.m. I am on top of her on my couch. I throw her gauzy top on the floor. I make a path with my mouth down her neck and chest. She has great breasts.”

Then things really hot up…

9:45 p.m. I unbutton her jeans and slide my hand in. She is already wet. We both take her pants the rest of the way off and mine, too. I alternate between rubbing her clit and fingering her until she comes. She immediately starts reaching for me, tracing her fingers over my clit. She pulls back, though, and says she wants to watch me. I rub my own clit until I’m 75 percent there and then bring her hand in to finish.”

And then it’s back to the office again.

9:45 a.m. Give my office mate an abbreviated recap of my evening. I worry that she judges my sexual dalliances.”

But soon there are more opportunities for lesbian romps…

8:30 p.m. Co-worker convinces me to come back to Brooklyn with her to a friend’s party. She puts her arm around me in the cab. I put my hand between her legs and slide it up her skirt. I do it because she had been flirting with me, but I’m not really committed to hooking up with her.”

10:20 p.m. She is totally naked, and I’m still basically fully clothed. Her bedroom is not air-conditioned. I’m kissing her hard and running my hands up and down her thin and delicate frame. I slide two fingers in her, then three. I can tell that I could fist her, if she would let me. I keep my fingers moving in her, shimmy down and also start licking her clit. She doesn’t touch me; I wasn’t expecting her to, so I’m fine with that.”

The full post is on the Daily Intel blog of New York Magazine.