‘Way Too Busy For Sex’ Mariella Frostrup Publicly Laments Solicitor Husband’s Bedroom Demands

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By Alex Aldridge on

Doubtless marriage to a celebrity has its charms. On hanging out with wife Mariella Frostrup’s famous pals, McCue & Partners senior partner Jason McCue once told The Sunday Times (£): “Gordon [Brown] doesn’t call me on my mobile. He’s not a friend like George [Clooney]. George calls me on my mobile.”

But there are downsides, too – especially when your celebrity wife writes a weekly relationship advice column in The Observer which she enjoys embroidering with hilarious anecdotes about you.

Having previously chastised McCue for, amongst other things, mislaying his keys and writing his name on the power chord of his iPad “to prevent me from ‘stealing it and losing it'”, this week Frostrup upped the ante.

“Only this morning,” she began, “as I told my husband I was way too busy for sex, screamed at my nanny for not finishing my children’s homework and chucked the dog in the bath to pee so I wouldn’t have to walk her before checking how many new Twitter followers I’ve gained overnight, I thought: “Well done, Mariella – you’ve really got things sorted!”

Before, later on in the piece, continuing:

“Which brings me to sex. It’s clearly a wild, crazy world out there. The good news is, judging by my correspondents, there’s someone for everyone. Along with the endless letters from partners not getting enough – and I do wish my husband would stop cluttering up my inbox on that matter – there are a myriad of variations on the sexual theme.”

Perhaps it’s time for McCue to call “George” for some advice…