Clarke Willmott Lawyers Accused Of ‘Shocking’ Omissions As Firm Pays Out £500K In Pro Neg Settlement

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By Alex Aldridge on

When paralysed motorcyclist Kenny Jordan took his case to Clarke Willmott, he would have expected the “Great service… Great People…” promised by the firm’s strap line.

Instead he got what could be summarised as “…”.

Paul Mulderrig of Mulderrigs Solicitors represented Jordan in his professional negligence action against the firm. It was concluded with a settlement earlier this week that saw Jordan receive a payout of £500,000 compensation plus legal costs. Mulderrig said that Clarke Willmott…

  • “Never went to see” Jordan
  • “Never took a detailed statement”
  • “Did not interview any witnesses”
  • “Never gained any expert medical evidence”
  • Settled the case “for a fraction of what they should have done”

He added: “For a lawyer to deal with someone who has sustained such serious injuries on a postal basis without ever going to see them is frankly shocking. Insurance appointed legal cover has its place, however in the case of serious injuries it’s very important to take face to face expert advice from experienced solicitors.”

Standing up for the firm, Chris Taylor, partner at Clarke Willmott, said: “We always strive for the best possible outcome for our clients and the original settlement took into account factors that we cannot disclose for reasons of client confidentiality. However, we are pleased that Mr Jordan has received a payment in settlement of his claim without any admission of liability on our part.”