Finally, The Inns Of Court Are Occupied!

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During the past year the light at the end of the tunnel grew so dim on occasions that I could barely make out its glow. There were times when I considered abandoning my quest altogether and settling for a life in another field, writes BPTC graduate OccupyTheInns.

At other junctures, I thought about plotting different paths to my goal. Indeed I was on the verge of crossing the Atlantic to study further in the US before something rather wonderful happened.

I am delighted to inform you that I have obtained pupillage.

Words simply cannot describe how I felt when I received the email from chambers confirming what Pupillage Portal had already told me, but I had been almost too fearful to believe. There was excitement, adrenalin, but most of all relief as I dropped to my knees and, I am not ashamed to admit, shed a private tear.

A week on, and still nursing a hangover from what has been a long (and, without wanting to sound immodest, deserved) celebration, I would like to thank a number of people. Skinner, Big P, Rich, OL and especially Little Bear, you know who you are. To my family, also, I shall be forever grateful.

The question now turns to what on earth I do for the next year as I wait for my pupillage (at an excellent chambers in its field) to commence in autumn 2013. I have written previously of my love of travel and learning foreign languages, and I hope to find plenty of time to do this. I am also keen to further assist in the Occupy movement, perhaps internationally, and I can assure you that obtaining pupillage won’t change my anti-establishment views.

Nevertheless, I accept that the best way to change the world is often from within. It is on that basis that I am exceptionally pleased to be able to, in one sense at least, occupy the Inns of Court.

OccupyTheInns graduated from the BPTC last summer, and was called to the Bar in July 2011. There’s more from OccupyTheInns here.



Does this mean the posts will stop now?


Alan's Ovaries

I hope so.

Or it may mean that in a year we have to read about Occupy’s / Alex’s ‘experiences’ of going through this imaginary pupillage (“I’m better than a QC” etc). Great.



I can honestly say that based on things you have written you will make a terrible pupil and, if you survive past the tenancy decision, a terrible barrister as well.



I think over the next year you should perhaps prepare yourself for what will be one of the most rigorous years of your life. By no means is a pupillage easy. It is akin to military character building in my experience. You will constantly be corrected, red pen will cover all that you do and you will receive little or no praise for anything you do get right.

I was launched into the deep end, faced with monuments of papers that I had to read, understand and summarise. Late nights and early mornings are a regular occurrence and above all you will learn one thing – only provide you opinion when asked for it!

I do not write this to put you off, but to make you aware of the stark reality of what you will face day in and day out for the next year.

Good luck, because you’re gonna need it!


Doubting Thomas

So once you’ve inevitably failed to get tenancy at the end of this (imaginary?) pupillage, will we have to cope with your incoherent, deluded rants about a) the failings of the pupillage system and b) your miserable attempts to find a third six?



Don’t give him any more ideas.



Nah hes just goanna try to publish a babybarrister competitor. Yawn.



Please let us know where you’ll be working so those of us who are solicitors can send you instructions!


Uncle Solicitor

Well Congratulations To You Mr Occupy (is that you, Alex?)- we shall open a fine drop of whiskey in honour of your pupillage you extremist wig wearing daft pretentious popinjay! And I say that with all of the goodness in my heart and as nothing more than a bit of banter – whichi you as a barrister to be would appreciate. And I shall the drop of whiskey in a locked boardroom with my fine assistant Miss Murphy. Come to one of my locked boardroom after hours meetings with my fine assistants and you will wonder why you ever decided to give up the chance of a life of getting real work done in the name of good and justice as a solicitor for the popinjay and incomplete ‘life’ of a barrister. Still, I imagine it is not too late for you.

Well done!


Experienced_Mostyn_impersonator [this is a group account operated by a team of non-practicing barristers]

Uncle, are you an aspie ‘subject specialist’ service partner at a London firm, slaving away 100 hours a week in a darkened room for like 120,000 a year? I only ask cos that would add subtlety to the schtick.


Experienced_Mostyn_impersonator [this is a group account operated by a team of non-practicing barristers]

What’s kinda funny is that we have enough information to narrow Occupy down to a few people if he’s real. He graduated with a 2i from Warwick, UCL or LSE, finished the BVTC in 2011, and has a 2013 pupillage at a London chamber that does human rights work. Just the 2i from a second tier university should be fairly unusual, so if someone wanted to have a scour, we could know who he is (if he’s offered tenancy).

Not that I genuinely believe OTI is real ofc – NO ONE as evidently stupid and narcissistic as him could possibly secure a pupillage


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