Jags And Unpaid Interns: The Two Faces Of Fly-On-The-Wall Documentary Law Firm Tuckers

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By Alex Aldridge on

‘The Briefs’, the two-part ITV criminal law firm documentary which concluded last night, sparked rage among members of the public.

Feeding the flames of hatred was the scene where Tuckers senior partner Franklin Sinclair did the rounds to his needy legal aid clients in a flash convertible Jaguar (pictured below)…

Of course, those with knowledge of the legal profession didn’t begrudge Sinclair his bit of bling amid all those legal aid cuts. If he’d gone into the City, who knows how rich a top alpha male like this could have become?

Still, with times even harder for the next generation of legal aid lawyers, it would be nice for socially-minded types like Sinclair to share at least a tiny portion of their wealth with, say, their firm’s interns. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way at Tuckers.

As you can see below, the firm’s graduate internships are unpaid.

Tuckers, which won’t be offering any training contracts for the next couple of years, says it tries to keep the duration of its internships to a maximum of a month. But that’s still a long time to survive in London without any money.