Morning Round-Up: Monday 13 August

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By Legal Cheek on

“Tongues were wagging in Middle Temple as (Popbitch for lawyers) tried to track down the nymph who did not think a half-century age gap was an obstacle to hooking up with one of the biggest personalities in UK law. By Thursday they had their scalp.” – The Sunday Times

“I need a pupillage, hook me up with a QC somebody… anybody…” – Legally Ginger

Judge totally loses it in court – Huffington Post (psycho rant begins 54 seconds in)

Law student hurled profanities and cracked racist jokes on school campus – Temasek Times

“If you aren’t a law student I feel bad for you, son…” – LawSchoolHumor on Twitter

Hobbit pub copyright row: Legal fees fundraising event – BBC