Pupillage Portal Gets The Year And The Day Wrong As Chambers Make Their Graduate Offers

There was widespread disbelief earlier this year when, for the first time in its three-year history, Pupillage Portal didn’t go down in the run up to the April 26 pupillage application deadline.

And there was more shock today when the site – which is rumoured to have been designed by Lord Neuberger during an introduction to the internet class – kept working as chambers made their pupillage offers.

But in facilitating this impressive outcome, the elite team of operatives responsible for maintaining Pupillage Portal let a couple of other things slip…

Like the year: this notice was on the Pupillage Portal homepage for most of the morning.


And the days in the corrected version remain wrong (6 September 2012 is a Thursday, not a Tuesday; as is the 20 September):