Career May Be Over For City Lawyer Who Groped Woman On National Express Coach As He’s Put On Sex Offenders Register

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By Alex Aldridge on

Hugh Wotherspoon, the solicitor found guilty last month of groping a woman on the Edinburgh-London National Express, has been placed on the sex offenders’ register for five years.

The 54 year-old married father of two, who quit his job at City IP boutique Ladas & Parry following his conviction, has also been handed a three-year probation supervision order, instructed to attend a sexual behaviour programme, and made to pay a £2,500 fine, plus £1,000 compensation to his victim.

Speaking at Wotherspoon’s sentencing on Friday, his barrister, Madeleine Wolfe, suggested that the Surrey-based solicitor could face the further sanction of being struck off from the roll.

Judge Peter Hughes QC said he found the case “deeply troubling”, adding that he struggled to understand how an intelligent man of Wotherspoon’s background could engage in such behaviour.

He told Wotherspoon: “You have brought disgrace upon yourself and have caused acute distress and embarrassment on your wife and your family.”

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