For The Millionth Time, It’s MiddlesBROUGH! – London Lawyer Named And Shamed By Two Local Newspapers For Spelling Town’s Name Wrong

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By Legal Cheek on

Adam Chapman, the head of public law at top London firm Kingsley Napley, has found himself at the centre of a storm for spelling ‘Middlesbrough’ wrong in a court document.

Chapman (pictured above) misspelled the proud town’s name in a judicial review claim form submitted to the High Court on behalf of his client, Cleveland Police Chief Constable Sean Price, whose misconduct hearing will commence tomorrow.

The mistake was seized upon up by the Hartlepool Mail and The Local. The former raged:

“[Chapman’s claim form] gave the authority’s address as ‘Police Headquarters, Ladgate Lane, Middlesborough’, [yet] Cleveland Police’s website lists the address as ‘Cleveland Police Headquarters… Ladgate Lane, Middlesbrough’.

The paper then proceeded to name Chapman and his place of work:

“The claim form was signed by Mr Price’s solicitor Adam Chapman, who works for London law firm Kingsley Napley. Mr Price’s address was listed as “c/o Kingsley Napley LLP”.

Really, you’d have expected more from an Oxford man