Lawyers Are Among The Most Dangerous Drivers In Britain (Or Are They Just Better At Filling-Out Insurance Forms?)

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Barristers and solicitors have a higher probability of being involved in an accident behind the wheel than almost anyone else in Britain, according to a survey of insurance claims by occupation.

Lawyers rank fifth out of 315 occupations most likely to have made a car insurance claim in the last five years. Counsellors are the most accident prone, and fencers and stonemasons the least. A summary of the rankings, which is based on insurance comparison site’s analysis of 280,000 private car insurance quotes, is below…

Most accident prone

Least accident prone

With insurers set to be banned from basing insurance premiums on a driver’s gender from the end of this year, more weight will soon be given to occupation when calculating risk-profile. This could spell bad news for accident-prone lawyers.

However, it seems that’s rankings may assess not just driving ability, but also the capacity of each occupation group for form-filling. The company’s commercial director, Andrew Goulborn, conceded that the lawyers’ number five spot “probably has more to do with people in some occupations having a greater propensity to make a claim (and perhaps a greater confidence in going through the claims process) rather than necessarily being a reflection of driving skills and accident avoidance.”

The full rankings are available here.