Car Ploughs Through The Wall Of Law Firm AGAIN: Potentially Deadly Crash Is Second In 6 Years

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By Legal Cheek on

Is Exeter law firm St James’ Solicitors the most dangerous place to work in Britain?

Yesterday, one of the firm’s partners, Jeremy Wickham, spoke of his relief at the fact that no one was hurt when a Volvo ploughed through the back wall of its offices (see below).

But as we can reveal, this isn’t the first time a car has smashed into St James’ Solicitors, which is located on a busy junction. Six years ago, a car went through the front of the firm’s offices.

Both accidents thankfully happened outside office hours, with the most recent smash taking place at 7pm.

Wickham explained how the Volvo destroyed a desk used by one of the firm’s solicitors just hours earlier. Speaking to Legal Cheek, he added that “an old boy had been driving and had lost control after his feet apparently slipped on the pedals”. He said that the accident which had taken place six years had involved a similar loss of control.