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To mark National Poetry Day, we put out a call on Twitter for law-related verse. Here are the only best contributions we received…

Wannabe barrister blues, by Philip Willis

I want to be a barrister,
All dolled up with wig and gown.
I want to be a barrister,
Mighty voice and heavy frown.
I want to be a barrister,
Rumpole’s life for me.
It is such a shame,
There are too many people on the BPTC!


Texting Don’t Rhyme With Question, by FMG Mediation

There once was a lawyer who’d charge
By word whether small or large
So texting or tweeting…
After a meeting
Was completely out of the question

Anchors, by ‘Anajinn’

What rhyms [sic] with “anchors”?

Can You Say That In English? by Russell Hobbs

Law and language, hand in hand.
To help us statute understand.
Let speech be coherent, please,
Let’s not baffle with legalese.


Hastily Crafted Stereotype Perpetuation, by LawUndergrad

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Wigs are expensive,
So we’ll sue you.