End Of The Day Round-Up

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By Legal Cheek on

Gateley to axe 19 fee-earner positions from English offices [The Lawyer]

Naked man who climbed statue of Duke of Cambridge had ‘psychotic episode’, court hears [The Telegraph]

The trials and tribulations of two legal bloggers [The Conversation]

Secret Courts remixed: any better than the original? [UK Human Rights Blog]

That Facebook copyright protection notice is an urban myth [Forbes]

Lord Macdonald QC: It’s an outrage when help has been cut for the poor [Evening Standard]

Deadline for outgoing Pegasus Scholarships (tenants/employed up to 5 years practice) is 30 November [Inner Temple]

Judging the judges: Money and back-room politicking are contaminating the selection of US judges [The Economist]

Law graduate guilty of benefit fraud [Rugby Advertiser]