Beware What You Say In the Presence Of Law Students…

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By Alex Aldridge on

At a seminar last week, one of the most senior judges in India courted controversy by suggesting that “90% of Indians were idiots”. But Justice Markandey Katju hadn’t bargained for the enthusiasm of a pair of “deeply hurt” law students in the audience to put their legal education into practice…

This morning it was reported that Tanaya Thakur and Aditya Thakur have initiated legal proceedings against the judge

“We are deeply hurt and humiliated by Justice Katju’s words,” said the duo, adding that the judge’s jibe “would depreciate the reputation of India and its citizens”.

The students have given Justice Katju – a former Indian Supreme Court judge who currently heads up India’s Press Council – a month to issue a public apology. If he doesn’t do as they say, they’ll take him to court.