Solicitor In N-Word Row

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By Legal Cheek on

Earlier this week a letter was published by a newspaper in Stoke which took issue with a suggestion by Atticus Solicitors’ Rob Holt that the N-word is frequently used on a local estate.

Referring to a previous case report, the letter’s author begins:

“In the article, lawyer Rob Holt stated the N-word is frequently used on the Blurton estate and regularly used as part of the English language. I disagree…My inquiries show ethnic and cultural respect and harmony exists on the estate. I have not witnessed the N-word being regularly spoken anywhere.”

So where did Holt get his N-word ideas from? Surely not his To Kill a Mockingbird-loving colleagues at Atticus Solicitors?

The author continues: “I don’t know if the circles lawyer Rob Holt moves in regularly use the N-word but I don’t find it to be common language.”