‘Cocky’ Warwick Uni Law Student Fails In Bid To Become Countdown Supreme Champion – Then Jousts With Host

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By Alex Aldridge on

Yesterday Warwick Uni LLM student Mark Deeks narrowly lost his battle with a Cambridge maths student on daytime TV show Countdown. After the final question, a disappointed Deeks found himself engaged in some on-camera job interview practice by the show’s host, Nick Hewer…

“What are you going to do when you finish your masters there at Warwick?” prodded Hewer, who famously starred as Alan Sugar’s right hand man on The Apprentice alongside ex-Herbert Smith solicitor Margaret Mountford.

“That is a valid question, Nick. Next question,” responded Deeks, 28, who was famously labelled “cocky” by Countdown numbers expert Rachel Riley during his march to the show’s semi-finals in 2011.

Encouraged by the audience’s laughter, Deeks then quipped:  “I just chose the degree that makes me sound most like a super hero: INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE!”

To which Hewer, who’s clearly not a member of the ‘Mark Deeks Appreciation Society’ (pictured below), retorted: “There’ll be a slot for you somewhere – possibly quite far away…”