Solicitors Are Like GPs And Barristers Like Consultants, Says Eddie Stobart Lorries

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Eddie Stobart Lorries’ move into offering legal services – via its newly-formed Stobart Barristers arm – has prompted it to issue a controversial definition of the distinction between solicitors and barristers…

“So what’s the difference,” begins Stobart Barristers on its website

But not everyone is impressed by this pitch. An experienced criminal barrister told Legal Cheek: “On the money some firms will be paying to advocates under the new ‘One Case One Fee’ regime, it will be difficult to attract the best barristers, many if not most of whom will have left the Bar.”

In other Stobart Barristers news, the fledgling legal organisation has confused a London postcode (EC1) with a tribunal claim form (ET1).



That’s a silly definition. Many solicitors are highly specialised.

A better analogy would be that solicitors are like MPs in the commons, they wear no-nonsense grey suits, do the nitty gritty work and steer the boat… Barristers are like the Lords, dressed up like Panto and still in existence because of this country’s absurd addiction to pomp and privilege…. like the Lords, we just haven’t got round to binning them yet, but binned they inevitably shall be.



Ah, I see you have a chip on both shoulders…



Caseb there demonstrating the complete lack of any understanding of legal practice: one wonders what qualifies to make such an attack. The comparison to GPs and Consultants is one routinely used by many solicitors and barristers.



So many solicitors are now taking work from the junior bar at least, GPs are not in competition with Consultants in this fashion, the analogy is totally inappropriate. The clever money now is on the prospect of the bar failing to survive the present decade.

I can sense some desperation with barristers these days, a fatalism that they know their days are numbered… at my firm (a specialised niche firm) we only instruct counsel when no one is available or can be bothered in-house but most times we do it ourselves, if you’ve litigated something from the start you know it a lot better than counsel on the other side who read a bundle the night before…


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