Is Legal Consultant-Speak Eating Itself?

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By Legal Cheek on

“No-sourcing”, explains legal futurologist Professor Richard Susskind in his new book Tomorrow’s Lawyers,  is “the option of choosing not to undertake a legal task at all”. Hmmm…

Worryingly for the legal profession, it appears that Susskind’s use of the term is a first – adding weight to mounting concerns that law has become a leader in management jargon.

As you can see below, the arrival at no-sourcing is the culmination of a slippery slope which has seen Susskind work his way through a range of increasingly extreme “-sourcing” derivatives.

Look out for Legal Cheek‘s review of Tomorrow’s Lawyers later this week.

Update: The review of  Tomorrow’s Lawyers has been slightly delayed and will now run early next week.