Is This The Start Of The Criminal Barrister Spring?

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By Alex Aldridge on

It began with this blog post on Sunday by Fountain Court’s Ian West, where he called on fellow barristers to refuse to sign up to the Quality Assurance Scheme For Advocates (QASA) – which many view as a backdoor way of handing the likes of Eddie Stobart Group and G4S the keys to the criminal justice system. Among the many (mostly discursive and non-committal) comments, one – posted yesterday afternoon – stood out: “I support this approach. I will not sign up to QASA. Andrew Vout, 1 High Pavement, Nottingham”. Over the course of the evening, others followed on Twitter…

Meanwhile, this morning back in the comments section to West’s blog…






We’ll be keeping an eye out for more “I will not sign up to QASA” pledges as they happen. In the meantime, the Twitter hashtag to keep an eye on is #NoToQASA.