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By Legal Cheek on

“Having your boobs out a little bit isn’t fake but it’s a little bit flirtatious and it gets you a few free drinks – and that is my case for fakery: case closed,” argues wig-clad trainee solicitor ‘Jazmine’ in the trailer (see below) for this evening’s edition of BBC 3 show ‘Snog Marry Avoid’…

Birmingham-based Jazmine’s full identity isn’t disclosed in the promotional material for the programme, which is part of a series that helps to return make up-addicted youth to their natural states of beauty.

All we know is that she has been “distracting her clients with her OTT look” – much to the despair of her mum, who says: “I didn’t bring my daughter up to look like this”.

Hopefully there’ll be some clues as to Jazmine’s place of work when the show airs this evening at 10pm.