The 3 Step Guide To Launching A Social Media Hate Campaign Against A Law Firm

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By Alex Aldridge on

First start a blog – and call it ‘[insert law firm’s name here] SUCK’ thorntons-solicitors-suck

Next, make a couple of videos slagging off said law firm – and post them on YouTube…

Finally, open a Twitter account and disseminate your vengeance to the world! (A stage which, while preferable, is not – as this article proves – always necessary to reach a wider audience of the targeted law firm’s peers. Still we’d recommend that THORNTONS solicitors SUCK establishes a Twitter presence as soon as possible.)

The full story behind the hate campaign is, of course, available at THORNTONS solicitors SUCK. But for those in a hurry, it boils down to a bitter dispute over a will – for which Thorntons Solicitors is the executor.