Five terrible comedy law student videos

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By Tom Webb on

As is traditional at this time of year on the other side of the pond, law students have been plastering their “law revue” comedy vids all over YouTube. Some are good, others less so. Below, beginning with an awful One Direction cover, are five of the worst from this year’s offering…

‘What makes you dutiful’

One Direction, without the boyband looks or rudimentary singing ability.

A Tyrannosaurus rex goes to law school

Surreal, but not in a charming or funny way.

Law students discover the Blair Witch Project – 15 years late

As US blog Above the Law – which runs a competition judging these videos – put it: “Look, if you are going to make highly self-referential videos like this, there needs to be a great hook.”

Bear Grylls

That’s not Bear Grylls. I don’t think he’s ever looked this awkward on camera. Not even when he was chugging his own wee.

‘I got 99 problems but a case ain’t one: the unfunny role play’

Failed thesp wannabes often end up at law school, as you can see below – although I admit this one has its moments…

There are many, many more “Law Revue 2013” videos on YouTube.