Why Wannabe Lawyers Should Think Twice Before Publishing Poems Lampooning Women Drivers

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By Alex Aldridge on

As the editor of a gossipy, tabloid-ish website, my philosophy is that if anyone voluntarily puts stuff in the public domain – be it via Twitter or blogging or whatever – then it’s fair game to use. Sometimes this really pisses people off (but their privately-addressed emails conveying this anger must sadly remain forever secret).

Of course, when the person placing embarrassing information in the public domain is younger or less experienced than average, it’s wise to go a little more gently. Which is why I’m not going to reveal the name of the blogging wannabe barrister whose poetry and other online musings have so delighted correspondents to the tips@legalcheek.com email address. Instead, I’ve limited my reportage to a single extract from the law student blog in question…

Why Women Shouldn’t Drive In Snow!

The weather outside is still bad,
With more snow we’ve ever had.
Today I had to do something which I haven’t so far,
That is to give a woman a push in her snow stranded car.

I for one am not usually sexist,
But most/all women are still 2nd rate drivers and that is at best.
I love how they just put their foot on the gas and hope it will go,
And all their wheels do is go round and round in the snow.

Digging a deeper more slippier slope,
“Sorry love but now you’ve got very little hope”
“It just needs a little push” she says “then ill be on my way”
Yet half an hour later and in that spot she did stay.

So we got the whole house out to give her a push
But with no luck at all, tyres spinning and turning to mush.
So after much heartache we decided to leave the car on the road,
Until the snow either melted or we got a man to have it towed.

The moral of this dear reader is to never let a woman drive,
Especially when there is very unusual weather such as snow outside.
For after they can multi-task and do that quite well even though it’s just luck,
But they can’t do what us men can and drive in the snow without getting stuck!