Newspapers’ categorisation of lawyers: a cut-out-and-keep guide

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By Alex Aldridge on

When The Observer conferred silk upon ‘Loverson’ barrister David Sherborne (who’s not a QC) on Sunday, it was conforming to an age old media transition of mis-describing lawyers’ rank. Happily, as experienced newspaper readers well know, there’s a logic to journalists’ lawyer mis-descriptions which allows their true meaning to be easily deciphered…

“Top judge” = Constance Briscoe

“Judge” = a member of the judiciary

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“Top QC” = a QC/Constance Briscoe

“QC” = a barrister

“Barrister” = a barrister/law graduate/paralegal

“Top human rights lawyer” = Cherie Blair

“Legal eagle” = a solicitor

“Solicitor” = an extremely socially corrosive emissary of Satan