The 10 best #SaveUKJustice images

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By Alex Aldridge on

One of the happy side effects of the #SaveUKJustice campaign is that it has allowed lawyers to showcase their creative sides. The results have often been surreal: from a trainer-wearing Lady Justice (courtesy of the Young Legal Aid Lawyers Group) to doctored images of badgers, 80s TV puppets and Simon Cowell…

Yes, badgers…

Gordon the Gopher resurrects his career to make a special #SaveUKJustice appearance.

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell delivers a special message to the government.

“I want to break free save UK justice!” bellows Freddie Mercury’s ghost.

A hopeful plea to the next Prime Minister?

The ‘Keep calm’ meme spawns a #SaveUKJustice incarnation.

A future of drive-thru lawyer fast food joints?

Aaargghhh! It’s Chris Grayling!

Inspiring confidence: the Stobart Group.

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