Video: the Downfall of Chris Grayling

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By Alex Aldridge on

Justice secretary Chris Grayling has become the latest victim of the Downfall meme, in which parody subtitles are superimposed on ‘Downfall’, the film about Hitler’s final days. In the first clip, Grayling is given the role of Hitler, bawling out officials after “bloody lawyers” threaten to derail his legal aid reform proposals. “Maybe I could resign and join UKIP?” he reflects at one point. “Although next you’ll be telling me that even they think I’m too right wing.”

The second clip addresses the possible privatisation of the court system. “Are you sure the public will swallow it?” asks a lacky. “Who cares. By the time it gets implemented I’ll be on the board of G4S sunning myself on some beach in the Caribbean,” responds Grayling in the parody subtitles.

The videos – by Argent Chambers barrister Richard Bentwood – follows this parody Downfall clip created last year to highlight failings in the government’s handling of the court interpreters’ contract.

There are more law-related Downfall meme highlights – including land law and contract tutorials delivered by Hitler and his henchmen – here.