‘Criminal barrister’ ranked 7th sexiest job ever by GQ Magazine

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By Alex Aldridge on

Finally some good news for criminal barristers: they have made GQ‘s ‘Ten Sexiest Jobs Ever’ list. “These are proper lawyers,” writes celeb journo Victoria Coren, who compiled the rankings for the July edition of the magazine. “They wear wigs and gowns, which is pleasingly kinky. And they’re constantly resentful that they don’t make enough money. All women know that a combination of adrenaline, resentment and strange costumes can make for a truly enjoyable weekend.”

At 7th in the list, ‘Criminal barrister’ trumps ‘Male nanny’, ‘Newspaper editor’ and ‘Computer programmer’ (ranked 8th, 9th, and 10th respectively by GQ), but is narrowly beaten by ‘Head of the IMF (6th), ‘Architect’ (5th), ‘Spy’ (4th), ‘Chef’ (3rd), ‘Farmer’ (2nd) and ‘Footballer’s agent’ (1st).

Here is Coren’s tribute to members of the criminal Bar in full.


By the way, GQ’s least sexy jobs are, in order of unsexiness: ‘MP’, ‘Tesco site foreman’, ’70s TV presenter’, ‘Roadie’, ‘Bouncer’, ‘Clamper-van driver’, ‘Community support officer’, ‘Solutions development manager’, ‘Breast-enlargement surgeon’ and ‘Oligarch’.