Lawyers prove they can pull off a demo – as Britain discusses #PublicW*nkingOnYoutube

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By Tom Webb on

They got all dressed up, posed for clever pictures and were joined in such numbers that they halted traffic outside the MoJ – filling Twitter with their tweets and photos.

Surely, then, this was the moment that the legal profession’s increasingly ubiquitous #SaveUKJustice hashtag would trend on Twitter? Well, it might have been, if the UK hadn’t become gripped by a discussion about #PublicWankingOnYoutube. But hey ho…

Here are a some of the best videoclips, photos and recordings from yesterday’s rally.

Lawyer bask in the afternoon sunshine (@NearlyLegal)

Stopping traffic (@KevinPoulter)

“Junior legal aid barristers earn less than nurses,” roars Blackstone Chambers’ Dinah Rose QC (@HeadofLegal – with more audio from the event at

Overheard: the #SaveUKJustice purple “is looking a little UKIP” (@KevinPoulter)

“Do we believe in justice?” asks David Lammy MP (@SymeonBrown).

Michael Fordham QC calls the MoJ “wankers” and suggests that legal aid is “not an avocado” (@HeadofLegal – with more audio from the event at

“There’s a hidden agenda: so government can behave illegally,” Geoffrey Robertson QC tells the crowd (@JusticeGap)

Star quality: Bianca Jagger followed up her appearance at the rally with a turn on Channel 4 News (c0unse1)

The #SaveUKJustice petition, which now has almost 78,000 signatures, is here.