Legal typos: 7 absolute howlers

By Nigel Poole QC on

Oh how we clinical negligence practitioners laughed when a pfannenstiel incision — which is a surgical incision to the abdomen — was mistakenly described as a “fan and steel incision”.

Below are some more (hopefully less niche) legal typing errors. I can only vouch for the authenticity of the ones which were in instructions to me, but I am sure the others — harvested from a recent tweeting session on the topic — are all true as well (credits below). Of course, I shall keep quiet about all the typing errors I have made…

Credits – for relayer of typo (typo-committers remain nameless) – in order: Jeremy Roussak, Anna Symington, Daniel Taylor, me, Christopher Hamerton, Daniel Herman, Andrea Cohen.

There’s more on typos at Nigel’s blog, Clinical Negligence Practice Notes.