Morning round-up: Thursday 20 June

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By Legal Cheek on

Judge accepts testimony from Michael Jackson’s “ghost” in court [Now]

Moral Maze: Pornography and the Internet, featuring “Obscenity Lawyer” Myles Jackman [BBC  Radio 4]

Ex-Man City star to train as a lawyer [Manchester Evening News]

Road rage leads to ridiculous physical fight between lawyer and retired policeman [Jalopnik]

Incredibly glamorous Russian lawyer makes “Carine Patry Hoskins seem more fusty bluestocking than courtroom siren” [Mail Online]

“Secret courts” condemned by Supreme Court deputy president Lord Hope [Huffington Post]

Criminal defence solicitor who allegedly told suspect how to flee country set to face trial [Liverpool Post]

Google’s chief legal officer – live Q&A: eight things we learned [The Guardian]