The key points of the Legal Education and Training Review explained in 10 tweets

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By Alex Aldridge on

For those who don’t fancy wading through the traditional legal press’s long-winded deconstructions of the freshly-released Legal Education and Training Review (LETR) — or indeed reading the 335 page report itself — here are ten tweets that help you understand what the biggest review of legal education in a generation means.

The much-criticised BPTC stays.

As does the LPC, but the distinction between vocational education, training contracts and apprenticeships will blur.

The fusion of solicitors and barristers some had predicted isn’t going to happen.

There has been a formal acknowledgement that the patience of increasingly broke students is wearing thin as job opportunities fall…

…which will lead to more emphasis on part-time courses…

…rather than an aptitude test.

The legal aid cuts will have an impact on how future lawyers are taught.

But most of all, the LETR — which took over two years to produce and has been subject to various delays — was greeted with a sense of anti-climax.

The top LETR tweeters (click to enlarge) — via Ann Priestley


In full: the Legal Education and Training Review.