Wannabe lawyer in vile Dunkin’ Donuts rant

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By Alex Aldridge on

Note to law students: avoid becoming carried away by a newfound knowledge of “your rights” in a way that leads you to storm into a branch of Dunkin’ Donuts, confront its employees for failing to provide you with a receipt, then racially abuse them in the most extreme and unpleasant terms.

And if for any reason you ever find yourself possessed to behave in such a manner, definitely do not record the incident on your phone and post the video online — as American law student Taylor Chapman (pictured) has unbelievably done…

In the video (below), Chapman — who on Twitter describes herself as “working towards” a law degree — comes out with some absolutely shocking statements.

At one point, addressing the woman who failed to provide her with a receipt for a purchase of donuts the previous the day, the charming legal hopeful, 27, says:

“Well, guess what? This shit’s about to go live, bitch. Right on Facebook. Cause I already posted what your dumb ass did last night. So I hope you’re happy with your little fucking sand n**ger self. Cause I’m about to nuke your whole fucking planet from Mars. You think ya’ll are tough big fat Arabs bombin’ the Trade Center? I’ll show you tough.”

An Indigogo campaign to raise money to support the “educational aspirations” of the employees abused by Chapman — one of whom is planning to become a doctor — has been launched. You can donate here.

The Smoking Gun has a blow-by-blow written account of the incident.