Barbara Hewson’s defence of notorious age of consent article on Channel 4 news last night unlikely to win her pals

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By Alex Aldridge on

Human rights barrister Barbara Hewson’s decision to write an article for Spiked magazine arguing, amongst other things, that the age of consent should be lowered to 13 caused outrage when it was published in May.

As will, in all likelihood, Hewson’s appearance on Channel 4 News last night where she defended the piece for the first time — and chuckled to herself as she reflected on an allegation that Jimmy Savile subjected a victim to satanic ritual abuse. When asked by presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy whether she found this funny, Hewson replied: “I do. Satanic ritual abuse doesn’t exist, it’s like alien abduction.” The video of Hewson’s appearance is below…

Hewson practises from Hardwicke Building, which has completely disassociated itself from her views via a statement on its website issued in May.