A wannabe lawyer’s social media strategy to land a job through the showcasing of his buff physique

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By Alex Aldridge on


Want to make yourself stand out from the crowd of other jobless lawyers? Well, you could try the strategy employed by US law graduate Brian Zulberti.

Zulberti sent a mass email (see below) to law firms in the Delaware area, which deliberately contained little personal information, other than a picture of him in a T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up to reveal his toned biceps…


The likely reaction of a curious recipient of such an email? To Google Zulberti. Which would lead them to the first result for “Brian Zulberti”: his Facebook page. There, specially set as his profile picture, was the “Hire Me!!! no…as a Lawyer, Damn, NOT A [sic] ESCORT” photo (see above) — which has now been removed.

So far there has been no word as to whether Zulberti’s strategy has been successful — although, as US legal blog Above the Law notes, his failure to grasp the basic rules of grammar doesn’t encourage optimism.