Witness testifies via Skype in live televised trial: what could possibly go wrong?

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By Alex Aldridge on

When, yesterday, the prosecuting lawyer in the high profile Zimmerman trial called witness Scott Pleasants to testify via Skype, it seemed an impressive example of the legal profession embracing technology. But with the proceedings being televised live across the US, and Pleasants’ Skype name visible on TV, it quickly emerged that a grave mistake had been made — as trolls made dozens of incoming calls to Pleasants, repeatedly interrupting his testimony…


In the end, an annoyed Judge Debra Nelson brought an end to the call, with Pleasants’ continuing his testimony via good old fashioned speaker phone. The (very funny) video of the incident is below.

Of course, the whole thing could have been avoided if someone had instructed Pleasants to turn off contact from people beyond his Skype account’s contact list.