‘Your Barrister Boyfriend’ Tumblr names ‘the 21 hottest barristers in London’

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By Alex Aldridge on

A Tumblr called YourBarristerBoyfriend has produced what it terms “the first ever official Barrister Hottie list (London male division)!” The list purports to rank, in order of hotness, the 21 most attractive male barristers in the Inns of Court. Claiming top spot is 39 Essex Street’s Patrick Hennessey — whose military background sees him described by YourBarristerBoyfriend as “like Prince Harry, but with brains”…

Hot on Hennessey’s heels is “Ted Hughes-style lady-killer” Derrick Dale QC of Fountain Court, followed by 1 Hare Court’s Nicholas Wilkinson, who is said to resemble a “young ’90s Wall Street buck who wears Ralph Lauren monogrammed boxer shorts and uses honey-almond exfoliator every morning”.

Doughty Street’s Wayne Jordash (“Despite being called Wayne, this man is pure class”) and “sexy nerd” Daniel Beard QC of Monkton Chambers make up the remainder of the top five.

YourBarristerBoyfriend’s anonymous authors — who describe themselves as the ‘Barrister Hottie Experts’ — claim to “have always had a thing for barristers” and, as a result, have been driven to peruse “countless chambers in London, searching for members with a certain je ne sais quoi.”

The full list — which features a surprise appearance for veteran “silver fox” Orlando Pownall of 2 Hare Court (“He’s like Victor Lazlo in Casablanca, but with sex appeal”) — is here.