5 ways to announce to the world that you’ve bagged a pupillage

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By Legal Cheek on

Friday was, of course, pupillage offer day. For the lucky ones, there was delight, followed by the tricky business of getting the tone right in sharing their wonderful news with the world. We consider five different approaches…

The unabashedly joyful

Tempting fate a bit, given 9-12 Bell Yard’s focus on the under-attack area of criminal law. Still, touching (unless you’re married and/or have kids)

The modest

A barrister-to-be ascribing his success to fortune and claiming to be lost for words…hmmm.

The dedication

Sweet. If a little Gywneth Paltrow 2010.

The exhausted

Tired and emotionally spent, the pupillage-bagger issues a short report from the summit, before collapsing into the pristine Everest snow.

The press release via a spokesperson

Getting someone else to break the good news on your behalf while buying you champagne. Shrewd. A great career beckons.