Barrister creates two YouTube homages to himself: which one do you prefer?

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By Alex Aldridge on

YouTube is a tricky medium to get right. Still, full marks to 33 Bedford Row’s Lawrence Jones for effort…

Here is a recently-uploaded video of the commercial law barrister set to a poignant piano tune — which, while moving, does seem rather more funereal than was perhaps intended (happily, Jones is still with us).

And here is Jones again, this time accompanied by an uplifting, electro-number. Maybe a bit too ‘The Apprentice’ for some tastes, but undeniably full of vitality…

Neither to your taste? Then why not use YouTube Multiplier to create your own backing track for the 33 Bedford Row man? Here, courtesy of Legal Cheek editorial assistant Thomas Connelly, is the ‘Lawrence Jones Barrister Enrique Iglesias’ Hero’ Edition’.